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Auto Glass Tips for New York City

At Tri- State auto glass we have customers ask if insurance will provide coverage or not. Most people don’t know if they are covered for auto glass or how that would work.

To start with usually your auto glass coverage is bundled in your comprehensive insurance coverage. Comprehensive covers damage NOT caused by a collision. Comprehensive covers many different items, like auto glass, fire, vandalism, theft, animals and damage from weather related storms.

There is a deductible with comprehensive coverage which is your portion to pay when it comes time to pay for the claim.

Ice and snow…Don’t use your hand and a credit card to scrape your windshield, get a quality ice scraper. Make sure you don’t get one that will scratch your windshield and if it does get a different one. Most auto parts stores will carry these items.

Keep your windows clean inside and out…Make sure you can see through your front glass windows and others can see you, it’s a safety issue.

If your windshield has a crack or rock chip in the drivers line of sight, which is a violation and can get you a fix-it-ticket. The safety issues for this law is oncoming traffic headlights at night, rain water or sun shine reflecting through the crack can impair your vision.

How to clean a Windshield:

Step 1. Use a wet (not damp) wash cloth or hand towel you keep for that purpose in a plastic zip-lock bag inside your travel trunk. Allow the water to soften the dried-on bugs. Work crosswise and up and down; if you use a circular motion, you tend, unconsciously, to increase the rag pressure and scrub harder than you need to. Also, if there’s any grit on the cloth to gouge the surface, circular scratches are more annoying to the eye than straight ones. Soft terry cloth is the best for the initial soaking and wiping.

Step 2. With the windshield still wet, sparingly spray on some windex. Using clean tee-shirt material, gently wipe the windshield dry, again, using straight back-and-forth motions.

Take away the dirt: Use baking soda on a damp rag easily cleans dust and grime from glass and chrome surfaces. Afterward, rinse the windshield with clean water and towel dry with a soft cloth.

Ward off ice: Keep wiper blades free of ice by applying a coat of rubbing alcohol to them. For your windshield, spray on a solution of 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water at night to ensure that it is ice free in the morning.



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